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To translate, which has today the common meaning of "to transfer into another language", is a late adaptation in French (1520) of a latin verb, traducere, literally "to drive above" which has a wider and more vague signification.


Since 2003, we have been offering interpretation services from German into French and English, from French into English and back (DE=>FR, DE=>EN, EN<=>FR). We have many references in this field and are certified as a court interpreter by the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Zurich.


Besides the translation in itself, the sworn translation also serves to authenticate a document as being a true copy of the original. This job is regulated by the authorities in the Swiss cantons of Geneva and Neuchatel (see the officiel websites of these cantons).

To translate… Traduire… Uebersetzen…

 ... with the same meaning but not necessarily the same wording. ...

c'est garder le même message par rapport aux idées mais pas forcément par rapport aux mêmes mots.
... sinngerecht doch nicht unbedingt wortgerecht.

Translation, interpretation, Watchkeeping or Training