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You need training and so does your company. But you don't have too much time and you don't want to hear again the same stuff you studied in the past. With experience, you want to capitalise on your knowledge. That's what we propose !

We propose short training sessions, on demand, responsive to your needs, in your facilities or outside as residential seminars.

  • Finance for Non Financial
  • How to manage your Human Resources efficiently
  • Human Resources Management, and what ?
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of Financial Statement Analysis
  • Basics of Budgeting


  • Centre de formation de Nestlé, La Tour de Peilz (CH)
  • Colegio Helvetia, Bogota (Colombie) since 2003
  • Chambre de commerce et d'industrie du Valais, Sion (CH)
  • IFM, Institut de finance et de management, Geneva (CH)
  • Business Management University BMU, Geneva (CH)
  • European University, Versoix, Montreux (CH)
  • Cours interentreprises, apprentis informaticiens, GGEAPI, Geneva (CH)
  • Centre de formation du groupement des banquiers privés genevois, Geneva (CH)
  • Visilab (CH)
  • Groupe SEB, site de Peccavilliers (France)
  • Groupe SEB, site Tefal de Rumilly (France)
  • Ecole de la Construction, Tolochenaz (CH)
  • Collège et école de commerce André Chavanne (Ge, CH) et Nicolas Bouvier (Ge, CH)
  • Ecole normale (Vd, CH)
  • Haute école pédagogique (Vd, CH)
  • Collèges de Nyon, de Morges, de Lausanne (Vd, CH)
  • Collège Ste Croix, Fribourg (CH)
  • Collège de Bulle (CH)
  • BSL, Business School Lausanne (CH), Bachelor and Master levels
  • Universitas Cartagensis, Cartagena (CO), Bachelor and Master levels
  • Association suisse des pharmaciens, Jongny (Vd, CH)
  • Innopark, Yverdon (Vd, CH)
  • Collège de Flesch (Vs, CH)
  • Collège de la Tour de Peilz (CH)
  • Lycée Jean-Piaget, Neuchâtel (CH)
  • American Graduate College of Business, La Tour de Peilz (CH), Bachelor and Master Level
  • BA School of Business and Finance, Riga (LA), Bachelor Level
  • East Central Normal University, School of Design, Shanghai (CN), Bachelor Level

Training in English


  • Schmidheiny Stiftung, Jona (CH) - Semeco, Ecowi, Ecorel

Translation, interpretation, Watchkeeping or Training